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An Interview with LungLife Scientist, Shahram Tahvilian



Shahram: Hello. My name is Shahram Tahvilian. I'm a Scientist with LungLife AI, and today I'm going to explain how simple blood draw works with LungLife's LungLB® test. LungLife's test is called LungLB®, and it starts off with a standard blood draw sent to our CLIA certified laboratory in California. We then purify cells from blood using microscopic magnets and add light signals to the DNA that allow us to distinguish healthy cells from one associated with cancer. And we see these light signals using our microscopes.

At LungLife, we use artificial intelligence by training a computer to assist our clinical lab technicians in reviewing results, helping them to read microscope images more quickly and accurately, and also helping identify light signal patterns that are linked to cancer. We have started our pivotal validation study, which we hope will repeat the findings from our pilot study where we found high test performance. Our test is designed to be a simple and noninvasive blood draw for the patient, and our hope is this will help achieve our purpose of being a driving force in the early detection of lung cancer.

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