Our Story so Far

Concluded a pilot study with 151 participants.  Sensitivity 77%, Specificity 71% and Positive Predictive Value 89%

March 2021

Shares admitted to trading on AIM of the London Stock Exchange (ticker LLAI) raising gross proceeds of GBP17.0m

July 2021

Granted our CPT code, the first step on the path for commercial reimbursement

October 2021

Our laboratory awarded accreditation by the College of American Pathologists

November 2021

Enrolled our first participant in our multi-center clinical validation study

February 2022

Our laboratory awarded a Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (“CLEP”) by the New York State Department of Health

September 2022

Appointed one of two industry partners to participate in the Boston University – University of California Los Angeles Lung Cancer Biomarker Development Laboratory of the US National Cancer Institute’s Early Detection Research Network (“EDRN”)

October 2022

Awarded a price of $2,030 for our LungLB test by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) effective January 1, 2023

November 2022

Peer-reviewed publication of a cost effectiveness analysis model on LungLB providing evidence the test can be utilised as a cost-effective alternative to the current diagnostic pathway.  A copy can be accessed here.

March 2023

Completion of our enrollment for our pivotal validation study

May 2023

LungLB® study demonstrating high performance published in peer reviewed journal. Click here to learn more.

June 2023
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