Learn About LungLife AI's Quality Control Systems with VP of Clinical Lab Operations, Lara Baden


Lara: My name is Lara Baden, and I'm the VP of Clinical Operations at LungLife AI. At LungLife, we have invested extensively in our quality systems because we always have in mind the well-being of the patients behind our tests. Our highly trained, state-licensed scientists undergo a stringent, multicomponent competency program to ensure the LungLB® test is performed in a repeatable, robust manner.

The LungLB® test uses specially maintained and calibrated equipment to make certain we run at peak performance with the proper controls to ensure quality results. Our systems allow for a test turnaround time of under one week. Because here at LungLife we understand the uncertainty around an indeterminate lung nodule finding and the importance of getting reliable results to the physician and their patients quickly to help alleviate their anxiety.

I started working in a lab because I loved science and quickly realized the importance of quality. Quality has become a passion of mine, and I've spent my career working toward continuously improving lab processes and ensuring all regulatory requirements are adhered to.

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