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LungLB®'s Impact on the Early Detection of Lung Cancer


Hello. My name is Benjamin Katchman, Director of Research and Development at LungLife AI.

Today I am going to discuss LungLife’s diagnostic test, LungLB® and the impact that we believe LungLB® will have on improving the early detection of Lung Cancer while simultaneously helping to reduce unnecessary biopsies.

At LungLife we have created a minimally invasive diagnostic assay that can aid physicians and patients in their decision-making process after an indeterminate nodule is found by chest CT scan. LungLB® is a liquid biopsy test that identifies rare genetically abnormal cells found in blood to help classify patients as low or high risk of having lung cancer. The test is designed to be used in compliment with CT scans, risk models or additional blood tests to help guide both physicians and patients in making timely clinical decisions.

Thankfully, there are several groups that are also working towards this goal. So, how does LungLB® fit into this growing landscape of diagnostics tests?

Common approaches to developing lung cancer diagnostic tests focus on the identification of proteins, antibodies, and circulating DNA to help identify and classify patients risk profile. LungLB® takes a different approach, identifying rare cells in a patient’s blood that are indicative of cancer. While these cells have been thought to be late indicators of cancer progression, in our 2021 pilot study we were able to demonstrate that LungLB® could utilize these cell types to significantly identify patients with Stage 1 Lung Cancer, showing the ability to improve on the current standard of care where 80% of lung cancers are detected in late stages.

As we begin our FDA validation, we hope to replicate these findings and that our simple blood test can lead to a significant improvement in the care and management of patients with indeterminate lung nodules.

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