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To be a driving force in the early detection of lung cancer.

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February 24, 2022

Learn About LungLife AI's Quality Control Systems with VP of Clinical Lab Operations, Lara Baden

Transcript: Lara: My name is Lara Baden, and I'm the VP of Clinical Operations at LungLife AI. At LungLife, we have invested extensively in our quality systems because we always have in mind the well-being of the patients behind our tests. Our highly trained, state-licensed scientists undergo a stringent, multicomponent competency program to ensure the […]
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February 23, 2022

LungLife Scientist, Shahram Tahvilian, Explains the AI Technology Behind the LungLB® Test

Transcript: Shahram: Hello, my name is Shahram Tahvilian, and I am a scientist here at LungLife AI. LungLB target cells are rare and microscopic in size. For example, about ten can fit across the thickness of a human hair. That's why at LungLife AI we use powerful microscopes to take high-resolution images in three dimensions. […]
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January 20, 2022

An Interview with LungLife Scientist, Shahram Tahvilian

  Transcript: Shahram: Hello. My name is Shahram Tahvilian. I'm a Scientist with LungLife AI, and today I'm going to explain how simple blood draw works with LungLife's LungLB® test. LungLife's test is called LungLB®, and it starts off with a standard blood draw sent to our CLIA certified laboratory in California. We then purify […]
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January 20, 2022

An Interview with LungLife's VP of Clinical Lab Operations, Lara Baden

  Transcript: Lara: Hi, my name is Lara Baden. I'm the VP of Clinical Lab Operations at LungLife AI. At LungLife, we're building a world-class quality system because it's not enough to have a high performing diagnostic test if you don't have top-notch systems and facilities in which to run it. LungLife operates a CLIA […]
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November 30, 2021

Lung Life AI & The White Ribbon Project

"Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer." November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, and the team at LungLife AI is proud to support The White Ribbon Project and their commitment to changing the public perception of lung cancer. The White Ribbon Project promotes awareness about lung cancer by changing public perception of the disease. For […]
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October 4, 2021

The Initial Next Steps towards LungLife’s Purpose

  Transcript: Paul: LungLife AI is a diagnostics company focused on the early detection of lung cancer from a simple blood draw, all enhanced by artificial intelligence. Now we believe at Lung Life that we have a technology that can help with this problem called the LungLB® test. It all starts off with a simple […]
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October 4, 2021

An Introduction to LungLife AI from CEO, Paul Pagano

Transcript: Paul: LungLife AI is a diagnostics company focused on the early detection of lung cancer from a simple blood draw, all enhanced by artificial intelligence, and our mission is simple to make a significant impact in the early detection of lung cancer. 80% of all lung cancers are diagnosed in late stage, where there […]
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Lung Cancer Diagnostics

LungLife AI’s LungLB® test is positioned to bring certainty into early stage diagnosis confirming for clinicians whether to refer on to biopsy where the LDCT Scan reveals suspicious nodules. Providing a liquid biopsy approach for the patient also promotes a noninvasive monitoring program. LungLife AI is also developing a series of companion diagnostics. Designed for later stage treatments, understanding likely patient therapeutic responses improves outcomes. Patient stratification is also an important component to improve performance metrics in research.

LungLife AI’s liquid biopsy testing is leading the way to more affordable and clinically actionable precision medicine strategies for lung cancer patients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LungLife AI’s diagnostic technology combined with machine learning with image analysis results in workflow efficiencies and improvement in performance. This integrated solution is expected to positively support clinician decision making and ease the burden of increased testing in the healthcare system.

To expand upon the success of the LungLB® testing in increasing clinician and patient confidence in using LDCT scanning, LungLife AI will be applying machine learning algorithms to deliver an integrated high performing approach to an early detection solution in lung cancer.

These algorithms are also expected to be applied in research collaborations to promote new treatment options.

Lung Cancer Diagnostics & AI

LungLife AI’s use of machine learning and artificial intelligence enables life-saving diagnosis of lung cancer. Take a look at how Persistent’s ML algorithms have reduced analysis time by almost 70%, accelerating LungLife AI’s efforts to greatly reduce the impact of a disease that claims around 400 lives per day.

Lung Cancer Today

Early detection is key to improving lung cancer patient outcomes. The National Cancer Institute’s estimates for lung cancer in the United States for 2018 are:

About 234,030 new cases of lung cancer for year 20181

About 154,050 deaths from lung cancer, accounting for 25% of all cancer deaths1

Lack of effective early detection results in a mere 16% of patients being diagnosed at early stages of disease when cure is possible1

It has been estimated as high as 30% of patients receiving curative surgery return to the clinic with recurrence within 2-3 years2

Approximately 20% of lung cancer cases that occur in women in the U.S. and 9% of cases in men are diagnosed in never-smokers. If lung cancer in never-smokers were a separate entity, it would be in the top 10 cancers in the U.S.3

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2Schuchert MJ et al. Factors influencing recurrence following anatomic lung resection for clinical stage 1 non- small cell lung cancer. Lung Cancer 2019; 128:145-151



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