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LungLife to present at US National Cancer Institute’s Early Detection Research Network Meeting

April 17, 2024

LungLife AI, Inc.
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LungLife to present at US National Cancer Institute’s Early Detection Research Network Meeting

LungLife AI (AIM: LLAI), a developer of clinical diagnostic solutions for the early detection of lung cancer, announces it has been invited to present at the National Cancer Institute’s (“NCI”) Early Detection Research Network (“EDRN”) meeting in Tempe, Arizona on 17 April 2024.

The EDRN is a division of the United States NCI, the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training, which works collaboratively amongst its members to bring new diagnostic biomarkers to clinical use.

In October 2022, LungLife was selected to participate in the Lung Cancer Biomarker Development Laboratory of the EDRN, combining LungLB® with imaging to assist early detection research, as well as validate combined test performance in patients with indeterminate lung nodules.

In this meeting, LungLife will present the LungLB® test, including results from the validation study and information on the Early Access Program, and describe its role in the ongoing EDRN study for indeterminate lung nodules to a group of over 300 investigators from the NCI, academic institutions and industry focused on early cancer detection.

Paul Pagano, CEO of LungLife AI, said “We are excited that through our ongoing EDRN partnership we have the opportunity to present at this meeting to collaborators and potential end users of LungLB®.

“The work of the EDRN closely aligns with LungLife’s mission to drive the early detection of lung cancer and will provide further clinical evidence for the LungLB® technology as well as widen awareness of our technology with leading US investigators and diagnostics industry partners.”

Download the full announcement HERE.

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