Early detection

is key

LungLife AI is a diagnostic company focused on the early detection of lung cancer from a simple blood draw enhanced by artificial intelligence.

One in 16 people in the US will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime—and in many cases when it’s too late. We believe our simple blood test may afford those at risk a much better outcome through early diagnosis.”

Paul Pagano | CEO, LungLife AI

Our purpose
is simple

To Be a Driving Force

in the early detection of lung cancer.

To achieve our purpose, we are

dedicated to working collaboratively

 with scientific and clinical partners.

Our LungLB® Test

is a blood-based tool that has been developed to provide clinicians the information needed to make informed decisions about the management of lung nodules and lung cancer. The test is performed in our CLIA certified laboratory in Thousand Oaks, California. 

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LungLB®'s Impact on the Early Detection of Lung Cancer

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Why LungLife AI Implements Quality Systems

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Early Detection is Crucial in the Fight to Cure Lung Cancer

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